In the moment with Diego Campoverde


Diego Campoverde


“Capture the moment”

IG: @Diegocampoverde18



What was it that got you into photography?

I got into photography as a by product of working on creativity. I began to notice that a lot of the characters that I created in my short stories were very similar to one another; so I decided to pick up a camera and walk around the city and take pictures of people or anything that caught my eye and I  would write short stories based on the pictures. Slowly over time I developed a passion for just capturing a moment, and now I bring a camera along everywhere I go. 


What camera do you use?

I use two different cameras: Nikon D3200 (A few difference lenses) and a Nikon Fe2. 

What is your preference when it comes to working with digital and film cameras?

I use each camera for very specific things. I use my film camera (Nikon Fe2) to shoot people, it’s less intimidating when you can’t see the image that you captured of someone, and I use my digital camera to shoot landscapes. 

What is your favorite thing to shoot?

I enjoy shooting street photography because living in NYC there is no limit to what you can see and what you can take. 


I see both photography and videography as ways for one to express themselves, what made you choose one over the other?

I picked photography because I wanted to expand upon one idea, concept, or image. It was about creating a story and seeing how far it can go. But I do hope to one day take transition into videography, because it is easier to convey a story to an audience. 

 Walk me thru a day in the life of Diego Campoverde with his camera, like what triggers you to turn on your camera and take a picture?

This is difficult to answer. I think that what really triggers me to turn on my camera and shoot is capturing an image that everyone would otherwise miss. 


What do you draw inspiration from or is there anybody or anything that influences you? 

Most of my inspiration comes from Directors – Guy Richie, David Fincher, David Lynch, etc. They are able to combine so many basic concepts to create entire worlds that take you away to other places, even if for just an hour or two. 

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