Feel Beautiful with Natalia Luna


Natalia Luna


“Adding shadows to the walls of the cave”

IG: @Nattsnap



How did you into photography?
I got into photography when I was 15 and had the option to take an intro class in high school. I’d been writing music and playing guitar for a while, but felt like i needed to explore other artistic outlets. After my first week, I’d realized that it was something I wanted to continue doing. It gave me a certain freedom that i’d fallen in love.
What do you consider your photography style to be?
I do product photography for a living. I photograph garments for the website of a company in Long Island, but I try to experiment with all different styles leisurely. I focus on portraits and street photography, though. Capturing people’s essence or getting a good candid of someone is always exciting.
What camera do you use?
I use a Canon Rebel T3. It came with a macro lens, so I try to take advantage of that and take close up portraits and shots.
Do you have a preference when it comes to working with digital or film camera?
I wouldn’t say I have a preference, since they’re both used differently. Digital cameras are convenient, as they allow me to see the pictures immediately, gives me a chance to capture multiple shots of the same thing, pick the best one and manipulate the photo in every way possible through photoshop. Whereas, when i shoot with a film camera, I am limited with my film so a lot more concentration goes into getting the perfect shot in that moment. With film you have this relaxing and sometimes tedious time in the darkroom that allows you to manipulate the photo in a more tangible and raw way. I alternate between cameras depending on the style and aesthetic I’m trying to create.
What is your favorite thing to shoot?
I think my favorite thing to shoot are portraits; Whether I am manipulating the lighting, scenery, and theme of a photoshoot, or bringing my camera with me on different adventures. I’m able to capture the emotions and reality of the people I surround myself with. I also always get to talking to people when I photograph them, and It becomes an enriching experience both artistically and emotionally for everyone. I like helping people feel beautiful and love themselves. Sometimes when you capture a great picture of someone, you see that smile of their face and it’s just a good feeling.
Walk me thru a day in the life of Natalia with his camera, like what triggers you to turn on your camera and take a picture?
Depending on what I’m doing I decide if i want to bring my camera. I try to bring it with me everywhere I go since you never know when inspiration might strike. I find beauty in everything, so I end up taking 400 pictures on one escapade and have so many shots to choose from at the end of the day. I would say my own curiosity triggers me to take pictures.  I experiment with the different ways I can shoot the same thing or person.
What do you draw inspiration from or is there anybody or anything that influences you? 
I draw inspiration from a lot of artists I’ve found through social media — Instagram, blogs, tumblr. They all have different styles, so I’m constantly inspired by their work. My favorite IG account is @way2inspire which shows some amazing shots by various artists around the world.
From looking at your work i notice that you like to include a lot of vibrant colors, is there any specific reason why?
No specific reason, honestly. It’s a stage I’ve been going through, manipulating colors in my shots. I think I’m going to transition into black and white portraits next and experiment with more heavily photoshopped surrealism.

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