Pushing Boundaries with Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams


IG: @ryantheartist


Houston TX/NYC

What is Art to you?

I think that Art is anything that can change our perception or mood. Art is in everything. Even when i walk down the sidewalk in Harlem and notice the way the cracks in the concrete interact with one another, i consider that Art, because i take something from it. Hope that make sense [laughs]

Total sense [laughs], when creating what is your favorite drawing medium to work with?

Acrylic for now. I love how fast it dries. I want to try oils but i paint in my room right now so i have to wait until i get a studio space.

How did you get into painting? like what sparked that interest in you?

Both of my parents have always been into arts and crafts. Mainly pencil drawing. Ever since i was a kid i’d draw horses, sometimes people. My freshman year in college i had a few tubes of paint left over from a graphic design class and decide to experiment with them. I ended up recreating the cover of the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and it came our pretty good. I was really encouraged by that. From there i bought more paint and kept practicing.

What would you name your art style?

Its’s really hard for me to describe my style, ill say It’s in progress [laughs] There are some aspects of realism but it’s still not quite there and i don’t want it to be there. I’m in a place in my journey as an artist where i’m trying to push myself outside of the boundaries that i’ve been taught s far as style.

May you elaborate on those boundaries?

I’ve always been taught to make something look as realistic as possible. That the meaning of something must be clear. As i grow and meet other artist in learning that, that is completely unnecessary and i’m trying to push my style to not be as literal as it has been.

Who and or what influences you?

My family, my people work with their hands. My dad has a small barn and he build everything from the horse stable to the rabbit coup. My grandmother sews and crotches, sometimes makes wooden dolls, my mom does the same. So growing up i was surrounded by creativity. They inspire a lot of my work.

What is your creative process?

It depends on hat i’m working on. i usually write notes about my ideas, sometimes i sketch them out first. I look at a lot of old photographs of my family members.

Thats dope, so where do you see your Art in 5 years?

Not in my apartments [laughs] i hope to get into some gallery shows, sell more work, i just hope to be a more evolved artist and i’m excited about whatever comes with that.



3 thoughts on “Pushing Boundaries with Ryan Williams

  1. Wow! I love the color schemes and technique. Not only are they well created, every painting seems to capture the essence of the person it is representing.


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