“Socially engaged design” with Mitchell Johnson

Mitchell Johnson


“fly high, don’t forget your landing”

IG: @asiaticyouth




What is Art to you?

Art is the visual of past, present, and future. It’s really how i connect those. Culturally, spiritually, and emotionally. i would say like a storyboard in different forms and mediums.

What is your favorite drawing medium to work with?

Lately, i’ve been using ink on canvas and collage pieces. Some found materials others purchased and cut to shapes.

May you walk us through your process of creating a piece.

Reading has helped a lot lately. Opens up my mind for new possibilities and responsibilities too. Usually find some good music. Finding past photos, personal and non personal, mostly praying too.

What would you name your art style?

Socially engaged design.


Who or What influences you?

God, family, love, friends, Richard Wright, Jean-Michel Basquiat, W.E.B Du Bois, Angela Davis, Assata Shakur, H.R Giger, David Hammonds, Laura Owens, Hajime Soroyama, good 60s, 80s, and 90s Hip Hop, House, Reggae bands, good horror movies, Black Panther era, ideologies, structure and culture

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