Lifestyle with Madjeen Isaac

Madjeen Isaac


“Trust your journey, avoid looking in the rearview”

IG: @madjxo

What is Art to you?
Art has become a lifestyle for me overtime. I realized how much of an impact my skills had on my mental health and it has given me the voice I never thought i would ever have. I was always ridiculously shy [laughs] I still am, but I rather call it “chill” because i’m more aware of who i am. I’m an artist, and I can only hope that my morals and ideologies translate into my paintings.
What is your background in Art?
Well i’m currently a student at The Fashion Institute of Technology majoring in Fine Art. Art was once a hobby for me especially because I grew up first generation Haitian-American.. and caribbean parents aren’t always accepting of the creative lifestyle but once I began school and was more exposed to the art world, I felt as though I had more options and opportunities awaiting me. It just felt right because this is what i’ve always wanted to do.
What are some of your inspirations to create?
I am deeply inspired by Brooklyn specifically Flatbush where i have live all my life. For me, Flatbush is a place that screams “culture” and “hustle”. As i got older, i sort of developed a concern for immigrants (like myself) becoming “americanized” or assimilated out of fear without reflecting back on the culture of our ancestors. Too often we don’t know about our own history. We need to talk about it, be about it, in order to preserve it.
My all time favorite artist is Kerry James Marshall. I respect him for revealing the realities of race and identity within Black America. His work always puts forth the “crisis of representation”
What is your Favorite medium to create?
I’m a sucker for oil paint. I love it’s thickness, the different textures I am able to create and lastly it’s rich colors. I’m the type to paint for hours and forget to eat for the whole day [laughs] But once I have a vision and good music, i’m in my happy place!
Elaborate on your creative process like where does it begin and end?
My creative process consist of me having to workout just so that I can have a clear mind for the day. I am constantly researching and reading about topics of my interest such as my Haitian culture, feminism, identity and self care/love. I keep a visual file of my favorite works from great artist just to look at if i’m ever in doubt. Im currently trying to build a little library for myself. I view my creative lifestyle as a journey that is constantly evolving and so there’s really no end to it.
where do you see your work in 5 years?
I mostly definitely want to give back to my community by gifting them with a mural or two. My community has shaped me to be humble and make use of all that I have. Everyone’s always on the go, making life happen in order to make ends meet. It makes me appreciate the hard work and effort our elders have embedded in us. I would also want for my paintings to be in galleries and as well as overseas! That of course is when i’ll begin traveling after graduating from FIT.

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