Knowing That I Can with Brian Franklyn

Brian Franklyn

“The more you know; the more you know that you don’t know shit”

IG: @jose_patel

Queens, NY

What is Art to you?

Art to me is something man creates with the intention of learning more about themselves or the world around us or to teach. . . many forms of self expression that we use to better us on out journeys of life.

How long have you been painting for and what have you learned about yourself thru art?

Kind of hard to pin point exactly when i started. I’ve always taken to art and always tried out different mediums and growing up in Barbados my school was very determined to make us well rounded. I’ve learned everything from painting, from technique to just the way i live my life and approach things in the real world. It’s not about what it teaches you rather what you choose to take from it.

Ahhh good answer [laughs] what is your favorite drawing medium to work with?

Oil paint. I find it to be one of the most challenging and rewarding. It’s traditional [laughs] kind of badass actually

Who or what inspires you to create?

just knowing that i can makes me want to. Everyday knowing that i’m getting better is more motivation to create. Not sure who even inspires me. . . everyone and everything inspires me.

What is your process? like how do you come up with an idea and manifest it?

It’s so hard coming up with ideas sometimes. Most of the time i have to force myself. Recently i’ve just been asking myself what truly inspires me and use that as a jumping off point, by the time I’ve decided what i want to do [laughs] i’m like five points before the jumping off point.

five points?

You know when you start with one idea, then it turns into another, next thing you know it looks nothing like your first idea.

Where do you see your work in five years?

In a home near you [laughs] Honestly i’m open to wherever my work leads me. It would be nice to be famous and rich off of my work and that is a hope. . but for now it’s a personal journey.


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