Let the pencil flow with Robine Foucault


Robine Foucault

“Every day is a new learning experience filled with vast possibilities with that I know
my journey’s a never ending one”

IG: @Rob_RockRoller





What is Art to you?

Art to me is a medium in which I can freely express my characteristic levels, but I find it a bit more complex since art goes hand in hand with creation, it becomes something more spiritual.

How long have you been creating for?
My mother sparked my creativity around 3-4 when she used to give me fun things to color, but I didn’t understand what I was doing until the age of 11 after moving to America,  when a family member encouraged me to continue and helped me look for art internships to further develop my skills. I have to admit where I come from art isn’t admired enough to pursue, so the kids weren’t encouraged. School in the US has art classes but In Haiti it’s more of a home hobby . (I’m now 23 years old)

aue deux viereflectionWhat have you learned about yourself thru Art?

Since it takes a level of discipline to get into art, I’ve learn some negatives aspects about my self – for one I’m my worst critics and sometimes I would talk my self into thinking I’m not good enough. Remembering discipline I’ve gain the ability to push through my own mental bullying, pouring those same emotions in my work and seeing it till the end. I’ve applied that mindset for other criteria in my life which goes to show how influential Art is.
Who and/or what inspires you?
I look up to a lot of people but the most inspiring would be my grandfather who despite the disbelief my family had in me, supported me. He started out selling lumber in his days then established him self as a furnish furniture master, all self taught, I admire his hard work.
What is your favorite medium to work with?
I absolutely love body paint, because it’s so free and I’m learned a lot of techniques through face and body art. On paper it’s watercolor, something about chaotic freedom brings attractions for me.
woman of fleurs
Walk us thru your creative process, like where do you start and end?
Usually if I don’t have a set idea in mid, I’ll pick up a pencil and just scribble anything on the paper, from a single line my eyes can already make out shapes and I would just let the pencil follow.
alternative Frozendrop
Besides art i see that you also create jewelry, what got you into that?
I was looking for something to get into after high school, and I remembered a time a made a thrd bracelet for my mother…It sparked interests, my first set of earned money I spent on a lot on eBay, opened an online store, But I needed more experience, it led me to intern for Alzerina Jewelry and she took me under her wings for 3 months.. I left to focus on having my own business and live off freelancing
rubby velvetVelvetwire
So where do you see your work in five years?
 Hopefully established with my own studio and a consistency in work.

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