“My Visual Diary” with Krystle Collins

Krystle Collins

“I stopped looking for the light. Decided to become it instead.”  – Francheska

IG: @Kcee_me, @krystlecollinsart
What is Art to you?
Art to me personally is a necessary expression. Navigating life we take in so much as far as seeing, hearing, touching, and feeling. It all pours into us and in return, we have to continuously push it out somehow to keep the cycle going. I can look back at works I’ve created and it’s a direct reflection of what was surrounding me and who I was at the time, it’s amazing to almost have this visual diary of myself. I think everyone, whether they realize it or not, is on a journey to discover themselves. We all want to understand why we operate and exist the way we do but whats difficult about that is as humans we are ever evolving and constantly becoming these new versions of ourselves. So to consistently engage in some form of expression gives a little insight of our current experience and what exactly is shaping us as we are growing.
How long have you been creating for?
As a kid, I was always into making things and drawing but it wasn’t until my first couple years in college I became serious. And well after that when I finally deemed myself a visual artist. So probably a little over 10 years.
Throughout those 10 years, what have you learned about yourself thru art?
One important thing I’ve learned is is how much I rely on instinct. I’m self-taught all across the board, any medium I work in there was no formal training there. So in return, I learned how to listen to myself more and go with what feels right rather than what I think I know. I soon realized this is pretty much how I operate my entire life. There are times I make some of the most insane “adult” decisions (lol) that a lot of people question, including myself. I would literally have no reasonable explanation of why these outlandish decisions are going to work except for this intense notion that it will. I guess practicing how to trust that through my art helped me to apply that to my everyday life without feeling so erratic.
Which is your favorite medium to work with?
I don’t have a particular favorite it’s normally just whatever phase I’m in at the time. Right now I’m totally into embroidery and trying to push it into these unusual spaces. Ultimately I want to create these mixed media pieces, so I’m experimenting with as many different mediums as I can.

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So can you describe your creative process, like how do you start and when do you finish?
I’ve tried to stick to an organized and mapped out process but it just doesn’t work for me. I usually just jump in and begin creating. I take breaks when I get frustrated or if it’s not working out. I’ll either start other pieces or I’ll stop working on the project completely and come back to it at a later time with a fresher mindset.  It can get pretty messy but it works for me lol
Who and/or what inspires you?
Inspiration, especially in New York, is endless. All I have to do is step outside and take a walk most days and the vibe is just in the air. Lately, I’ve been pulling from my commute. On the trains there are so many different people, personalities, movement, and expressions… I am definitely the creep observing everything.  I’m certain people think I’m crazy for staring but it’s so hard to ignore and not soak it all in.
Where do you see your work in five years?
Five years. I hope that my work is on a broader platform of course but I’m also interested in how it develops. There’s a certain genuineness and a sort of relatable aspect I’m looking to get across to my viewers especially those who aren’t really interested in art. Figuring out to somehow make the work more engaging to the masses is definitely a goal.

2 thoughts on ““My Visual Diary” with Krystle Collins

  1. May you continue to be inspired by the gift God has given you. Always be thankful and humble and He will bless you above and beyond. Love you, Mom💝


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