Shed Light with Paige Ariel

Paige Ariel

 “The only constant in life is change”
IG: _paigeariel

How did you get into Photography?

In college, I used to assist another photographer with her shoots. Including set up, break down, wardrobe pulls and model scouting. Once we parted ways and stopped working with each other I realized that I missed shooting and coming up with concepts from scratch
What inspired your concept for “Portraits”?
What inspired my concept for portraits was an occurring trend of society’s standards of beauty and the lack of diversity and how it can impact someone starting at a young age. I decided to shed light on insecurities that these standards tend to create within ones self and to show others out there that they can find power in themselves to be who they are and learn to live themselves for who they are
What did you personally learn thru the process?
What I learned personally while preparing for the “Portraits” series is that I can use my photography to share messages of understanding and ideas to create discussions and help others cope with similar situations. I also learned that I can be my own worst enemy and downfall if I let the thought of negative comments or non-acceptance get in my head.
Which brings me to my next question, i really like this quote and would like you to elaborate on it “One is never satisfied with the portrait of a person that one knows”
What I mean by “One is never satisfied with a portrait of a person that one knows” is exactly the synopsis of what my series is about. We can put our all into something, Weber it’s a career, relationship, or special project that we’re working on. No matter how much we work, in our eyes there’s always something that could have been better- regardless of everyone’s else’s opinion.
That is 100% true, in the future what other concepts do you plan on tackling with your photography?

One series/concept Im workin on is called “The Color of Emotions” that I hope to have completed by summer 2018


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