“Find your Voice” with Andie M. Clarkson

Andie M. Clarkson

“I picked up my camera because it was my choice of weapons against what i hated most about the universe: racism, intolerance, poverty.” – Gordon Parks Sr.

Yonkers, NY

IG: @andie.35mm



What sparked your interest in photography? 

I was in yearbook in HS. Around the time I was applying to colleges I wasn’t sure what I was gonna major in so I figured photography was a good match. Best decision I ever made

How was that working in yearbook? Was everything digital or did you guys play with film as well?
It was cool. I was the person everyone hit up for pictures whenever a school event happened. Everything was digital. I didn’t learn film until my first year at FIT. I haven’t went back to digital ever since.

What is it about film that drew you away from digital cameras? 
Film kinda works like people do. They all have different characteristics within the grain. The all react different to light or skin tone. I feel like every photographer needs there own style especially since EVERYONE is a photographer now. Film helps me find my voice and stand out from the rest.

What camera do you use?
Nikon FE, Nikon F100, Hasselblad 500C, Olympus Stylist, anyone of these gets the job done

What inspired your theme for “portraits”?
I’ve moved away from fashion portraits and now I’m focused on my family and people who’s stories don’t get told typically. I’m working on an On going series about colorism in Hispanic communities. That’s what inspired me for the show and overall in my work.

Walk us thru a day in your life with your camera, what triggers you to turn your camera on and capture a moment?
I’m really drawn to composition in everyday life. Like my eye sees things most people don’t (I know I sound like an asshole but it’s true). I’ll be walking around with someone and the light will hit them a certain way and I’ll tell them to stop so I can photograph them. Or I’ll see building or something abstract and I’ll stop my entire day to photograph it. I see life in moving photographs and it’s honestly a great way to live.

Thats dope, where do you see your talents taking you? 
I wanna be a lot of things. I wanna be an art educator/art therapist. I also wanna be the first woman nominated/win an oscar. But we’ll see.

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