‘The Basement’ with Natalia Luna

Natalia Luna

“The world can only be grasped by action, not contemplation. The hand is the cutting edge of the mind” -Diane Arbus

Ig: Nataliaaaluna


Long Island, New York


What sparked your interest in photography?

I can’t really pin point a specific moment, but I️t was probably when I first got the iPod touch with a camera. Instagram was created and I️ realized that I️ loved capturing moments and memories and creating stories. Soon after that, I decided to take photography as an elective in high school and bought the camera that I still use today.

What inspired your concept for “Portraits”?
I was having a hard time coming up with a theme for the gallery, actually. I figured I’d do black and white portraits and had settled on that and worked on that, but I got news of a family friend passing away and everything changed. After the wake, my sister and I went to hang out in the basement (our friends Dom and Chris’ dad’s basement where we always hangout which was recently redecorated), and as I was taking pictures of my sister the idea occurred to me; that I should just take everyone’s portrait in the basement. It’s a space that we spend so much time in that reflects our personalities and our essence. I thought I️t was a great theme. I thank Whitney for Inspiring me. I wanted to do something in her honor even if I️t didn’t directly reflect our relationship.

What is your favorite part about portrait photography?
Being able to project someone’s essence or telling a story. I love working with people because we’re able to bounce ideas off of one another and work together. It makes the body of work more meaningful. With ‘The Basement’, for example, I took some of my closest friends and photographed them as they were; I️t was all very natural. I like capturing raw moments with real people.

Thru this process is there anything new that you’ve learned that you’ve never done before? 
Uhhh, I’m not sure. I did buy a new portrait lens, so I’ve been playing around with that and experimenting with new lighting.

Where do you see your talents taking you? 
I’m not sure what my plans are or where life will take me, but I do know that I’ll be photographing my whole journey. It’s going to be really great to be able to look back at I️t all when I’m older.

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