Strictly Film with Caroline Cardoso

Caroline Cardoso

“I am my own experiment. I am my own artwork.” -Madonna

ig: @cecewolfs

Trenton, New Jersey


What sparked your interest in photography?

​I started working closely with photographers and cinematographers at FIT in Chelsea and did my first fashion film during that time. I’ve been studying film and screen for over 5 years now so I think my film and photography world just collided without me even knowing. I bought my first 35mm camera when I was a freshman and since then I’ve never put it down.

What is your preference when it comes to working with digital and film cameras?

I strictly use film cameras. In such a digital age and the peak of tim for Instagram and social media platforms, I’ve come to move away from digital photography more and more. With digital, you can manipulate and change things easily; with film, the photo is what the photo is, and something about have a raw, original image is more genuine to me than digital.

What camera are you currently using?
I use a Nikon FE using 35mm film.

 What is your favorite thing to shoot?

People. I love capture people for who they are and how they want to represent themselves in whatever angel or lens they want to present themselves. People I know, people I don’t know, anyone I can capture to tell a story.

I see both photography and videography as ways for one to express themselves, what made you choose one over the other?

I don’t think I have chosen one over the other, nor will I in the future. Photo and video for me come hand in hand and without one I wouldn’t have the other.

Walk me thru a day in the life of Caroline with her camera, like what triggers you to turn on your camera and take a picture?

​I never leave the house without a camera. Usually I’ll have a disposable camera with me for small shots, and two FE’s with me at all times; one to shoot black and white film, and the other to shoot color film. Honestly anyone that catches my eye is my subject. I love shooting photos of people and being in Brooklyn and the city, the available content has no limit.

What do you draw inspiration from or is there anybody or anything that influences you?​

​Robert Capa is a photographer that I look up to who is a war photographer from Hungary that only photographed people during war periods. He was able to capture the essence of these people and their stories in just one photo which is exactly what I want to do. Other people that inspire me are anyone in my life really. The people around me are the ones that I want to capture and tell stories about, it’s so inspiring.


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