“Muted Tones” with Liz Hallwood

Liz Hallwood

“Lifting as we climb”

Ig: @FrizzieMiss_Lizzy
New York

What is Art to you?

Art to me is something that is both personal and communal. A way of self-reflection to process my emotions and articulate sentiments that I wouldn’t necessarily be able to do verbally. Art making is also something that I feel needs to be shared and talked about with others in the community. I think everyone whether they identify as an artist or not can gain something by engaging in the creative process of art. Above all else Art to me is fun, I try to never take myself too seriously with it.

I agree, everyone can gain something thru art weather they create or appreciate the work, how long have you been creating for?
Exactly! I have been creating for as long as I can remember, as a child I was always making friendship bracelets, knitting, sewing and drawing but really only thought of it as a hobby and it wasn’t until 2 years into college I realized it was more to me than a hobby and something I could do professionally and and feel comfortable with calling myself an artist.

As an artist is there anything you’ve learned about yourself thru art that you think you would have otherwise?
Yes, plenty! Through art making I have become more observant and aware of myself and surroundings. I discovered a love and appreciation  of nature and being outdoors which has lead me to become more introspective and help manage my Emotions and become more present and mindful

How would you describe your art style?
I feel like my art can occupy a variety of designated styles but would say I find that I’m drawn to process-based making that is figurative, spatial, and ephemeral.

May you elaborate on that.
Of course. In the work I create usually in varying mediums I’m   more focused on the experience of making the work and less so on the finished product. For example most of my landscape works were started outdoors where I could sense all the smells and sounds and energy of my surroundings. Incorporating that sense of space and time of a fleeting moment is something I try to have in all of my work.

Thats super dope, so you are more  than just painting, you are capturing a moment and the energy of that moment. 
Yes! That’s what I’m striving for.

Lets talk about your use of color, how do you go about choosing your color palette?
Color is so fun for me to experiment  with And my palette is covered in chaos! I’m usually drawn to the subtly of muted natural tones that create a sense of calmness. I like to experiment with using color to make imagery that hovers above the line of being both visceral and beautiful.

Even with the muted natural tones you still manage to make color vibrant and pop, Who and or what inspired you?
I’m inspired by the small moments of beauty like walking to my car after work and appreciating that the sun is still out and experiences that I’ve shared with others.For example a few of my paintings are inspired by moments of discovering a hidden view with friends while hiking whether it be a new location or just seeing something in a new light. Stylistically, the artist Jenny Saville has been the most inspiring for me with her large scale paintings and “aggressive” way of mark making. As a woman it’s empowering to take up and reclaim my space with my art.

Where do you see your work taking you in the future?  

In the future I’d like to to either join or create a creative space for people to create, learn teach and share their art. I want to constantly be learning and experimenting with new materials as a way to express myself.

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