“Keeping my Sanity” with Kevelyn Vargas

Kevelyn Vargas

“Everything im not made me everything i am” – Kanye West

IG- @bykevelyn

Queens, NY

What is Art to you?

Art is my way of keeping my sanity because theirs no rules. That’s what’s dope about knowing the difference between design and art. I can do whatever I please with art, with design I’m solving visual problems.

Would you consider yourself an artist or a designer?

I’d consider myself both. I can be both just fine. I’m an artist when I have a vision in my mind that just urgently needs to be put on paper or a canvas. I’m a designer when I’m putting together a way for my clients customers to understand and communicate with them well.

So explain your creative process from the moment an idea pops into your head to it becoming reality?

I usually get inspired by my surroundings & I always carry a sketch book. I’m super detailed with my notes in my sketches so I never lose memory of the fire details that sparked my interest. When you have a vision you just have it, i guard it and pursue it.

Who and or what inspires you? 

I can be inspired by anything so I wouldn’t really like to put a label on it.

So why the rose? Like with the ice cream cone and the Hennessy  bottle, where did that concept arrive from?

Honestly, I have a deep connection with roses. My grandmothers name is Rosa & she will forever have my heart. The New York Rose Water piece was inspired by a funny conversation I had with my sister. The Rose Cone was inspired by a hot summer day.

So you’re pieces more than just being aesthetically appealing, they all carry some type of story behind them? 

Majority of them do, a handful don’t.

Is there anything you’ve learned about yourself thru art that you don’t think you would have learned other wise?

I’ve learned that I’m stronger that I thought I was. I used art as a way to heal myself and communicate with the world in a moment when I felt so misunderstood.

With that said, Where do you see your art taking you in the future? 

I’ll willing to go wherever it takes me, hopefully great places. But I know it’s something I know for a fact I’ll spend my lifetime doing.

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