“Thoughts and Emotions” with Kassandra Fernández


Kassandra Fernández

“She beloved she could, so she did”

Ig: @_kassanova_

New York, New York

What is art to you?

Art to me is a way to try an express the constant changes that we as humans go through emotionally and spiritually. It can be very hard to label emotions with simply words but art opens up another level of expression. Art is our interpretation of how we feel. When others look at what i have created i hope to stir something up inside them. i hope they are consumed with emotions, thoughts, and questions. To me Art is intimate, emotional, and raw.

That is so true, i can look at the same piece of work twice and depending on my mood id interoperate it differently. How long have you been creating your art for? 
I started creating art for as long as i can remember. I was always obsessed with attending art class in school and would constantly have my work displayed at the school art shows. My mother would always come see my art for support. I was the child asking for coloring books and sketch books when going to the convenience store.

Who and or what influences you? 
Change influences me. I tend to rely on art when I’m struggling or unhappy with something in my life. Whether it’s anger , sadness , doubt or just the uncomfortableness that comes with personal growth ; i rely on art as a form of therapy. When overwhelmed with negative energy i transfer my focus onto the canvas and not my thoughts. It’s almost as if I’m releasing the stress every brush stroke i make.

Which leads me into my next question, what is your creative process?
My creative process is different every project.  There’s times where i start painting and i don’t really know where I’m going with it and other times where i like to map out every detail in pencil before any paint. I think it connect back to what my emotions are at the moment I’m starting.

Is there anything you’ve learned about yourself thru art that you think you would have otherwise?
i think the most important thing art has taught me about myself is that i like to avoid a lot of my feelings and problems. I like to focus on the project in front of me rather than the actual reason I started painting in the first place. I , along with a lot of the world, am afraid of my own thoughts and emotions. Something im trying to work on in this journey of life and self growth.

Where do you see your art taking you in the future? 
In the future I see my art being displayed around my home as a reminder of where I  have been and where i am going.

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