Matt Lamourt – “Images coming to life”

Matt Lamourt

“Do I pass the turing test? I’m not sure I want to know” -Parquet Courts



What is your favorite medium to work with?
I work in a lot of different forms so it’s hard to just pick one. But what I love about drawing is that you can do it anywhere at anytime with no one else but yourself. As opposed to the organization and preparing that goes into the photography and film that I like to make. That being said, there’s something so special about seeing images come to life after they’ve been living in your head for so long.

What is art to you?
Tarkovsky puts it best “The main goal of any art is to find personal means of expression. A language with which to express what’s inside of you”

your art has a lot of line work, what would you say attracted you to that style?
When I decided to start taking drawing more seriously, all I really had was a sketchbook and micron pen and I just made it work. At first I liked how easily you can make a finished looking piece with just a few simple lines. As I kept looking at art though, I discovered that the look I was really floored by was the woodcuts of old masters like Durer and Holbein. It amazed me how much depth, detail and texture could be portrayed with just the fine nib of a pen. It could be delicate or brutal, etherial or solid.

what would you name your art style?
My work can be light hearted and whimsical at times, yet melancholic as well. I don’t consciously pursue any style in particular but what I always find myself going back to is a woodcut inspired ink drawing. 

How did you get into drawing? like what sparked that interest in you?
I wish I could remember where it really really started. It seems I’ve been doing it since I was a kid, like everyone else but I guess the only difference is I never stopped since it’s so fun. It also probably stems from wanting people to like me / enjoying the attention it brings. I’m never really comfortable talking about my self but if the conversation is steered toward art it’s like I suddenly know what to say. I think with most creative endeavors that start when you’re young, people tell you you’re good at it so you keep doing it until you realize you’re not the only one whose parents praised you for your hobbies and now you have to actually figure out how to be good at it. 


what is your creative process, like how do you start on a piece and know when you are done?
It always varies. Sometimes I wish I had a concrete way of doing things but I also really enjoy that I don’t. Some of my best pieces just came out while free sketching, where I wasn’t trying to achieve anything really. Other times the process is painstaking to get right. With more conceptual work, there’s usually a lot of ideas floating around that take a while to fit nicely into a composition. 

Who and or what inspires you?
Art history and music mostly. The European Paintings wing of the met almost serves as a place of worship for me. Whenever I feel stuck, need a creative boost, or need to be humbled, all the work in there never ceases to put me in a state of awe. I’m really interested in work that has lasted through centuries, without losing its timeless appeal. Recently I’ve been fascinated by both Jan Van Eyck and Hieronymus Bosch for their incredible depictions of both heaven and hell respectively. Dualities is another thing that has always inspired me. For example, my music taste is always diverging toward two extremes where I now find myself primarily listening to either the ugliest and most disgusting music I can find, or beautiful, tear jerking classical arrangements written by the most talented composers of the seventeenth century. 

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