Calm and Focused with Nicole Tullo

Nicole Tullo

IG: @dirtylittlesunshine / @dirtylilsunshineart
NY, New York


What is Art to you?

Art for me has been my means for communication, not in a storytelling sense but more internally with my emotions. We live in a world full of noise and constant stimulation and for me, the act of creating tunes everything out. When I’m creating, I’m alone and focused and calm.

Thats real, i feel like everything is out here to distract us. How long have you been creating for?
I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember, honestly some of my favorite childhood photos are of me drawing or painting. Creating has always been a part of me, I’d lunge at any opportunity to make things while I was at school or camp or with friends. My mom used to joke and say all I needed was a box of crayons to be happy!! But I never thought I’d be considered an artist.

Nope you’re definitely an artist, so as an artist is there anything you’ve learned about yourself thru art, that you wouldn’t have otherwise ?
Not anything that I wouldn’t have ever learned without art, but it pushed me to my limits to a point where I had to rethink my processes for working and living. I had to learn how to be comfortable with myself in order to feel comfortable putting my art out there for the world. I had to consider my reasons for doing things, the reasons why I drew inspiration from certain things and not others and basically just helped me learn about why I am the way I am. I hope that’s specific enough that ones hard

How would you describe your art style?
I take inspiration from darker things, although they sometimes seem more pleasant than others. For me the link between my pieces is a sense of chaos, they’re all usually emotionally driven as I’m a very emotional person. But I don’t have a very secure style, I’m in art school right now and I’m spending a lot of time experimenting and learning about what I like.

What is your favorite medium to work with and why seeing that you paint, draw, illustrate and do sculptures.
Like I said I’m still experimenting, recently I’ve been working with some robotic sculptural work too which is a lot haha. But I’m very proficient in painting and drawing, they both go hand in hand for me. A good artist can draw with paint and paint with drawing mediums as well, I have a hard time distinguishing the two since I usually put both on the canvas

Who and or what inspires you?
Classically, kandisnsy or cy twombly. Contemporary artists, like gerhard richter, gene Davis or Larry poons, especially Larry poons just because of his kick ass way of life as a whole!! But aside from other abstract painters I take a lot of inspiration from my classmates and other artists I see on social media. I like to watch how my friends create and take mental notes on what I should try to do as well in a technical sense. I’m inspired greatly by color as well.

Lets get into your creative process, how do you start a piece and know when you are done?
I usually start in my idea book, or what everyone usually calls a sketch book. I try to come up with 5 or more finished drawings in my book for one single idea, trying out different mediums on different kinds of paper I’ve put for myself inside of it. If I like one enough to spend more time on it on a canvas, I’ll take my time sitting in front of it and working on it but it’s also really important to look away and come back with fresh eyes. Every piece has an expiration date in a sense where I’m not adding to the idea anymore but fogging it up. There’s something inside of me that kind of let’s me know when enough is enough. I also work on many things as one time, to keep my mind open to new possibilities.

I like that, “every piece has an expiration date” so elaborate a little more on color and why you use them the way that you do?
 Color is really inspiring to me, in different ways for each piece. Unlike most I prefer to use my colors straight from the tube and allow for a little bit of accident mixing on the canvas or the brush. If I think too much about it I’ll create a big unsaturated mess and there’s nothing I hate more than that! I love true colors, but I feel a lot of emotion especially when looking at pure cadmium red. I feel like it has a lot of insinuation and connotations, and when surrounded my either black or white it creates an emotional narrative that represents me.

Where do you see your art taking you in the future? 
Hopefully it’ll reach an amount of people and an audience where I can inspire other sad girls out there to create and find their own purpose no matter what that entails! Ideally when I’m done with my BFA I want to get my MFA in Art Therapy and and help some people out with art in that way as well. As long as I can keep creating and god willing inspire other people I’ll be a happy woman.

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