Color Combos with Nicole Monde

Nicole Monde


IG: @microwave_ham

 “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents” -Bob Ross

New York, NY

What is art to you?

art to me is a way to express myself. my art directly reflects who I am as a person. I think art can be very personal. Art can also be used as a form of communication that anyone in the world can interpret. Art goes beyond all boundaries, including language. This world can be so absurd and evil and crazy at times, art is just another one of the things that makes us all feel a little bit more connected to one another.

What is your favorite medium to work with?

my favorite medium to work with right now is oil paint. it can be difficult to use, but I like challenging myself and seeing the finished product is that much more satisfying. I also really love doing makeup, especially drag makeup and face painting. I think the face can be a great canvas.

Your art has a lot of line work, what would you say attracted you to that style?

When I started getting into art more seriously, I would always draw mandalas, geometric designs, and patterns. I only used a pen and my work consisted mostly of lines and dots. I was really inspired by tattoo and tribal art. It was pretty automatic, I wouldn’t need to think about what to draw, I would just start and as I practiced more I saw myself improving. That is really satisfying. I am very comfortable with line work now.

What would you name your art style?

I’m always trying new styles, but lately I’d say m work is more abstract, heavily relying on color combinations, shapes, and line.

How do you portray a mood with your use of color?

My two favorite color combinations are bright, rainbow colors, and pastel colors. I have always been drawn to them. When i’m choosing colors for a painting, I go with my immediate reaction which is just to choose colors I love. Bright and unusual color combinations make me so happy. When I see a painting that has amazing colors I get excited about it. I think color has a lot to do with mood, and lately i have been choosing bright colors because I want to feel blissful while making my art. In the future I hope to experiment with different colors I don’t usually use.

What is your creative process, like how do you start on a piece and know when you are done?

Sometimes I will have an idea for a piece and I’ll plan it out a little bit before I start painting. Lately I have been trying to step out of my comfort zone and paint much more loosely that I typically would. Surprisingly, the paintings where I go in with no plan and just start putting colors on the canvas are the ones I have the most fun with and like the most at the end. I usually consider a painting done when I feel like if I keep adding more, it will take away from the painting.

Who and or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by colors, nature, human interactions, music, fashion, cubism, modern art, and psychedelic art, and tantric art, graffiti art, and art that my friends make. Sometimes I can be inspired by small things, like the pattern on a dress or the color of the sky. some of my favorite artists are Alex Grey, Kandinsky, Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf.


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