Director // Founder

Guillermo Fonts




Since a young age i’ve always had a passion to create and get everyone around me involved. I remember back in 2002 when the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game was really popular and my parents wouldn’t buy my brothers and I our own deck of cards. Instead of having nothing to play with I grabbed some index cards we had lying around, cut them in half started drawing on them and created my own card game. Once I had a couple of cards completed I gave each of my brothers 10 index cards and had them each create their own cards, they weren’t the greatest of artist but we all had a lot more fun creating our own game with our own rules. While creating the cards we began using aluminum foil to create our own holographic cards and we cut out pictures from video game instruction manuals. Since that time I have always kept that mentality, to use my available resources and keep those around me involved.

Many years later Megaa Vision was created with that same state of mind. As a college student I was and still am surrounded by many creatives from many different disciplines such as Artist, Photographers, Musicians, Designers and Actors all looking for an outlet or platform to display their talents. In 2017 six Photographers came together and created our first Showcase, thus Megaa Vision was born.