creators start-up studio equipment

Below are links to equipment yo will need if you are planning to take control of your life and are turning creating into you’re career. click each picture to purchase.

Necessary is the Adobe creative cloud suite, with this product you will have access to all adobe products granting you access to completing your creative desires. with Premier Pro you can edit all of your videos, with After Effects you can create and edit your own animations and with Illustrator you can create your own graphics not to mention a boat-load of other amazing programs that adobe provides.

to first create content for the web you  most defiantly need a camera a memory card to save your footage and a tripod to stabilize your shot and capture clear visuals.

No studio is complete without a green screen and proper lighting. this set bring a green screen, black &  white backdrop. along with the backdrops you will also receive a 4 point lighting set. proper lighting is the key for getting the best use of your camera, without light visuals will not be clear and who ever is in front of the camera will not look their absolute best.

some extra items on this list are the tripod phone mount, when in need of a second camera to capture a different angle, your phone always works, since you already have a tripod all you need is the mount to be able to stabilize your phone capture amazing shots.

next is the lavalier microphone, this mic will capture your audio recordings while also being discrete.

last but not least, if you want to capture gaming footage the Elgado HDs is mandatory, this device is super easy to use and comes with its own editing software, all you have to do is connect the device, download the program and begin streaming!